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Article: The new Björn collections ✨

Les nouvelles collections Björn ✨

The new Björn collections ✨

Discover our latest novelties.

When nature invites itself to our table, it can create unique and memorable moments of conviviality. That's why our new collections are inspired by nature and the breath it brings to our lives. Whether you're looking to add a touch of freshness to your everyday table or organize an unforgettable festive dinner, these new products are made for you!

Soothing colors

The trend for light colors is ever-present, and this season, soft, soothing shades of green, blue and gray are the most popular. These colors are reminiscent of nature and evoke feelings of calm and serenity. Pastel plates, bowls and mugs are perfect for a casual table or a more sophisticated ambience. Succumb to the charm of our CLOUD collection, which with its light gray color and bluish highlights will leave your guests dreaming and your head in the clouds. We also have the STONE collection, reminiscent of the rocky cliffs of Etretat, whose light gray color sets the mood for casual dining.

Organic texture

Organic texture is another trend in nature-inspired tableware. Textured surfaces with raised patterns and irregular edges bring a touch of naturalness to your table. The IRIS collection is a subtle blend of sobriety and originality. Its black exterior adds an elegant, refined touch to your table, while the reactive glazes on the inside give it a deep, unique relief. The ISLAND collection, with its irregularly shaped bowls and plates, jagged edges and rough textures, is inspired by the Faroe Islands. These organic shapes recall the natural contours of the Faroe Islands.

Minimalist patterns

Zen gardens are a symbol of peace and tranquility, with their natural elements and minimalist aesthetic. Clay tones, soft greens and grays are soft, soothing colors that create a serene atmosphere at the table. These soft colors combined with minimalist patterns, such as straight lines and circles, create a beautiful juxtaposition, reminiscent of the peace and tranquility of Zen gardens. This is what the collection reminds us of.

In conclusion, our novelties are perfect choices for creating a natural, warm ambiance at your table. With soothing colors, organic textures and minimalist patterns, you can choose one or more trends to add a natural touch to your table.

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