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Article: The story of Mardi Gras with Björn 🎉

L'histoire de mardi gras avec Björn 🎉

The story of Mardi Gras with Björn 🎉

Disguise, Carnival and Mardi Gras are the themes of this month's article! 🎊

Mardi Gras is a holiday synonymous with joy and fun. At Björn, we love the colorful costumes that parade around during Carnival!

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Where does Mardi Gras come from? 🤔

Originally, Mardi Gras was a pagan holiday. Indeed, in ancient Roman times, Mardi Gras was a festival celebrating the passage from winter to spring. Later, this tradition was taken up by Christians to celebrate the days leading up to Lent. These festivities took place during “fat week”, a week during which all “fatty” foods such as meat, butter and eggs were consumed in excess, in order to sell off stocks that would not be consumed during Lent.

Mardi Gras was an important day for Christians, firstly because it was the last day before the start of Lent and gave way to extravagant festivities, but also because it was a festival where everyone did as they pleased.

What do you eat during Mardi Gras?

Tuesday is the last day Christians can eat “fat”, so they prepare pancakes, doughnuts and other fried foods to get rid of their egg and sugar reserves before beginning the 40-day fast.


Why do people dress up during Mardi Gras?

Disguise is an essential part of Mardi Gras, as it enabled different social classes to mingle back in the day. Poor people dress up as rich people, and rich people dress up as poor people or merchants. This encourages mixing between different social classes.

Now you know all about the history of Mardi Gras.


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