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Article: The King’s Cake: A Gourmet Tradition with Ancient Roots 🌟

La Galette des Rois : Une Tradition Gourmande aux Racines Anciennes 🌟

The King’s Cake: A Gourmet Tradition with Ancient Roots 🌟

Let’s dive into the sweet world of the galette des rois, the dessert that makes our hearts beat faster every start of the year. 🤴👑

But where does it come from? 🫓

Imagine yourself in Roman times, when people celebrated in honor of the god Saturn… That's where it all began, with joyous festivities and symbolic rituals. But the galette as we know it really came to life in the Middle Ages.

Originally, it was linked to Epiphany, a Christian festival celebrating the visit of the Three Wise Men to the infant Jesus. The bean hidden in the cake symbolizes the Christ child, and finding that bean crowns you king for the day. A pretty cool idea, don't you think?

Over the centuries, this tradition has spread throughout France, becoming a must-have between Christmas and Chandeleur. The recipe for the galette des rois has also evolved, from a simple puff pastry to delights such as frangipane or almond cream.

Today, the King’s Cake remains a cherished tradition, bringing families and friends together around festive tables. Each region has its own unique version! What's yours?

If the history of the King’s Cake has made your mouth water, discover the full recipe on Instagram : @bjornoriginal, and share your gourmet creations with us! 📸🍰

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