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Article: Set your table with Björn! 🐻

Dresser votre table avec Björn ! 🐻

Set your table with Björn! 🐻

Do you often wonder how to set the right table for your guests? We've put together a list of tips based on different traditions! 😎

French tradition

France is renowned for its art of the table and its taste for elegance. This is why certain rules must be respected.


The most frequently asked question concerns the arrangement of glasses, which differs according to tradition. In the French tradition, they are placed at an angle, with the water glass, which is generally the largest, furthest to the left. The other glasses are arranged in descending order, with the red wine glass in second position and the white wine glass in third. In some cases, more than one red wine may be served during the meal, so the Bordeaux glass is placed before the Burgundy glass. The final glass in a meal is the champagne glass. This is placed in the second row behind the water glass and the red wine glass.

There is an exception if the water glass is not a stemmed glass. In this case, if it's the smallest, it will therefore be placed on the far right next to the white wine glass.


Cutlery is laid out in the order in which it is used: from the outside in, towards the plate. The fork should be placed on the left, with the tines against the table, and the knife on the right, with the blade facing the plate. The soup spoon should be placed next to the knives, with the non-bent side against the table. The dessert fork and cheese knife are placed at the top of the plate.

The English tradition

There are minor differences between the French and English traditions.


The arrangement of the glasses is the same as for the French tradition. The only difference to note is that the glasses are aligned horizontally and not at an angle.


They are arranged in the same order too, except that the tines of the fork will be placed upwards and not against the table, as will the spoon, which will have its curved side against the table.

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