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Article: Set your festive table with Björn! 🥳

Dressez votre table de fête avec Björn ! 🥳

Set your festive table with Björn! 🥳

The holidays are fast approaching. It's time to get out your best tablecloth, plates and cutlery. Here are a few tips and decorating ideas to help you set a table that will dazzle your guests!

This year at Björn's, the focus is on conviviality and festivity! To achieve this, we're focusing on gold and a mix of materials.

The trendy, elegant table 😎:

First of all, decide on the dominant colors for your table - we recommend a maximum of three. Don't hesitate to start from a simple base with noble materials, for example a white linen tablecloth. Invite nature to your table - it'll bring warmth to your setting. At Björn’s, we've opted for eucalyptus and cotton flower for a touch of elegance, and you can add candleholders or other accessories.

The traditional table 😍:

If you're more traditional you can opt for classic colors such as red, gold and white. As a reminder, you can swaddle your cutlery with a pretty golden satin ribbon so your guests will discover them as a gift on the table and not under the tree.
The flashy table for the festive side 🤩:

A table for New Year's Eve, for example, can be decorated in black and gold to set the festive tone. It's the night for rhinestones and sequins,
we want sparkle and elegance to celebrate in classy mode!

In our various collections, you'll find a wide range of products to match your table's theme.

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