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Magnetic universal knife block IMATRA

Reference: KBS-IMATRA
Sale price99,90 €
Material:acacia wood
Color:varnish wood
Number of pieces:1
Washing guide:Hand wash with soapy water and wipe with a soft cloth
Warranty:24 months
  • Contains 1 Magnetic universal knife block (sold alone)
  • compatible with all our Kitchen knives (6-knife capacity)
  • Nude collection
  • Made in acacia wood with magnets
  • Color varnish wood
  • delivered in protective packaging
Whether you're a passionate chef or a keen cook, the IMATRA knife block is sure to impress with its minimalist styling and sleek hexagonal shape. A hexagon means 6 sides designed to hold up to 6 kitchen knives with its powerful built-in magnets. This particular shape not only makes for a practical and comfortable layout, but also adds an artistic dimension to your worktop. Made from acacia wood, this block brings a natural warmth to your kitchen, however classic or modern it is , and makes it an inspiring space.